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CEO Greetings

As of foundation in 1987, Nasan Electric Industries Co., Ltd. has been consistently researching and investing on improving technology for 30 years, and has placed enormous efforts to vitalize local economy and create jobs and serve national industry development.
We have a dream to be a world’s leading company. We don’t have abundant resources and the best technology in the world, however, we are so cherishing the human resources and continuously motivated that we believe we can achieve our dream.

We provide one-stop service from consulting to follow-up service to various fields such as onshore plants (thermoelectric, hydroelectric, and nuclear power plant), ships (merchant, LNG, and drilling ship), industrial plants, and new & renewable energy with our accumulated experiences and technologies in electricity & electronics and control.
Nasan Electric Industries Co., Ltd. considers efficiency, standardization, and streamlining as the corporate ideology and places enormous efforts to improve the quality for providing the best products to our customers.

Nasan Electric Industries Co., Ltd. concentrates on improving technology and pursues challenges and innovations to maximize the productivity. We always do our best, since we believe our technology will make the better tomorrow.

Thank you.