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  • Digital Protective Relay
  • Motor Controller

Digital Protective Relay

Our digital protective relay (NEC-3100) has various protective relay features and various protective and measuring factors to monitor and prevent the faults comprehensively. It enables more effective and reliable management of power system.

Items Specification
Connecting Method 3P3W(2PT-D), 3P4W(3PT-Y)
Control Power AC110V / DC110V
Frequency 60Hz
Voltage PT : 110V / GPT : 190V
Current CT : 5A / ZCT : 1.5mA
Power Consumption Idle: up to 30W, Operating: up to 70W
Input Load PT : up to 0.5VA, CT : up to 1VA
Input Point DI : DC24V, AI : 4~20mA
Output Point - TRIP : AC125V 10A
- ALARM : AC125V 10A
Communication - RS485 (MODBUS)
- Ethernet
Insulation Resistance DC 500V 10MΩ
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage Electric circuits – between ground: AC2kV / for 1 minute
Between each circuit: AC 2kV / for 1 minute
between terminals of contacts: AC 1kV / for 1 minute
Overload Capacity
1) Current Circuit
- Rated Current X 2 (no problem for 3 hours)
- Rated Current X 20 (no problem for 2 seconds)
2) Voltage Circuit
- Rated Voltage X 1.15 (no problem for 3 hours)
Transient Response Power Input 4kV, Other Input 2kV
Static Electricity Air 8kV, Contact Input 6kV
Weight Within 5kg of basic model standard

Motor Controller

Our interface controller (SRIC-Series) is based on duplex communication network and providing both on-site control function and remote control system.

There are 4 models of motors (DOL, Reversible, 2Speed, Y-Δ) and those provide stand-by start feature. The reliability is assured by accredited certificate of complying international standard

Type SRIC-1100S/SRIC-1200S/SRIC-1300S/SRIC-1400S/SRIC-2100S
Certification DNV, ABS, LR, GL
Enclosure Material UL94 V-O / Glass fiber reinforced
Dielectric Strength 31kV / mm
Color BLACK (Maker Standard)
Temperature(℃) Ambient Temp. -25℃ ~ +55℃
Storange Temp. -25℃ ~ +85℃
Humidity 45% ~ 85% R.H
Degree of Protection Mounting for front door IP54 With Packing
Connection Terminal Material UL94 V-O / Glass fiber reinforced
Wire Size(Max.) 3.5 ㎟
Spacing Between Terminal 9 ㎜
Connecting Screw M4
Front Name Plate Front Name Plate Embosing color plate
Vibration IEC/EN 60068-2-6 30Hz, Acceleration : ±0.7G(±7㎨)
Impact   10G
Protective Treatment IEC/EN 60068-2-30 12 Cycles/h
Resistance to
IEC/EN 61000-4-2 In open air:8. Level 3, On contact:4. Level 3
Immunity to radiated
IEC/EN 61000-4-3 10. Level 3
Immunity to fast
transient bursts(kV)
IEC/EN 61000-4-4 2. Level 2(Realy output), 1.Level
Immunity to radio
electric fields(V)
IEC/EN 61000-4-6 3. (Other Circuit)
Immunity to shock
IEC/EN 61000-4-5 1. Level 2

Motor Protection Equipment

EGIS-710 is the advanced digital motor protection equipment, enabling both on-site and remote control and applicable for various fields such as maritime system, power plants, steel industries, and chemical plants. It provides reliable motor protection function and user-friendly interface for better monitoring and controlling.

  Types Application Scope
General Power AC220V
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Power Consumption Up to 5VA
Range of Current 0.5~6A / 5~60A
Capacity of Out Point 5A 250VAC
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 60kV / 1min
ZCT Standard 200mA / 0.1mA
Weight Approx. 1kG
Protective Relay Overcurrent Protection Definite Time: 60 Seconds
Inverse Time: NI
Undercurrent Protection 20~80% of Rated Current
Open Phase More than 70% of Current Unbalance
Phase Unbalance 20~60% of Current Unbalance
Binding Protection in Operation /
Surge Current during operation(STALL)
150~300% of Rated Current
Binding Protection in Start-up /
Surge Current during Star-up (LOCK)
200~700% of Rated Current
Grounding Current Protection Setting Ground Current Sensitivity (50mA,100~3000mA)
Negative Sequence Current Protection Searching R-S-T Phase in Order based on CT Pass-Through Current